AmplipHy Your Hydration

AmplipHy Alkaline Water is vapor-distilled for purity, with essential minerals for a pH of 9.5+ and electrolytes for a great-tasting hydration experience your body craves.

About Our Alkaline Water

Pure Taste

AmplipHy Alkaline Water is vapor distilled for purity

Amped-Up with Electrolytes

Electrolytes are added for a great-tasting hydration experience your body craves

The Science

AmplipHy elevates the profound benefits of water for hydration you’ll geek out about

A pH of 9.5+

A higher pH level than regular water, so you feel another level of hydration

Essential Minerals

Combined with electrolytes for essential hydration

Over the Moon Hydration

Thanks to an unmatched taste of crisp, clean, refreshing alkaline water

Available Sizes

Three convenient sizes to AmplipHy your day or night.

Where to Buy

Find AmplipHy Alkaline Water at a retailer near you. Or, get AmplipHy delivered direct to your home or office.

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